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Apr. 4th, 2011

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Guess what!

I'm engaged!!

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Mar. 16th, 2011

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More mom updates

I was able to get out of work early yesterday and spend some time with her before the proceedure.

They drained about 450ccs of fluid on one side and about 150ccs on the other. They're going to leave the tubes in for a few days and hopefully it makes a big difference.
She's super out of it and really painful, she spent 2-3 hours in recovery alone while they tried to manage her pain. And got another 40ccs of fluid drained just while in the room for like an hour.

Stuck at work again today, but shall check on her when I get off.

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Mar. 15th, 2011

best friend

Mom update

The official read on the CT from the surgeon: the fluid is outside of her lungs causing shortness of breath.
Surgery at noon today to insert drainage tubes and insert tubes to administer pain medication directly to her rib fractures.
This should allow her to take deep breaths, prevent the onset of pneumonia and relieve her pain.
And once again I'm desperately trying to find someone to cover my shift at work.

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Mar. 14th, 2011

best friend

Weary ones..

It's been rough lately and I'm sorry if for some it seems I disappeared. I've tried to make a point of being on my messengers but beyond that my lj-only friends are surely out of the loop. Some things I can't discuss at length wither because it's not my place to disclose or because my journal is a public thing but again you can ask me questions over IM if you'd really like to know.

Been very supportive of rainbowcakes through some really complicated stuff and have picked up the habit of keeping my phone under my pillow rather than on the nightstand just in case.

Also been dealing with major issues at work and am at the point where my eye twitches constantly whenever I have to go in. Ready for everything to be resolved now.

And while both of those were vague, I can share this fully. As of Friday night my mom has been in the hospital. And here's why:

Her right thumb is broken and now splinted. She has many broken ribs, one of which is one her back so she's very uncomfortable. She has bleeding from her spleen. Her liver damage is 4/5 and the adrenal gland next to it is decimated. It's been a very rough weekend but also encouraging to know how well loved my family is.

I'll update this post as I can, though the iPhone is a little less than reliable.

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Feb. 19th, 2011

best friend

Defining me - Who's who

For those that aren't aware of the reason behind my "Defining me" entries, I have the initial explanation here:
But, long story short, you probably don't know who I am very well, or really who I'm talking about, and I'd like to help! Today, we cover who the hell I'm blathering about. These are the people I talk with, surround myself with, and essentially make me up to be the person I am.

Mom- also: Mommy, Mama, Mombo
My own mother, Lisa, who was a stay at home mom till I hit highschool, who then decided to go back to school for herself. She started by finishing up her basics at a community college, went after her bachelor's at DBU, and then her master's at UNT. She now sports a Master's in counseling and acts as the transfer coordinator at ORU, handling all the transfer students that come in to the school and also making sure seniors have everything they need to graduate. She's also attending ORU and working on her 2nd master's. (Because she's a horrible masochist... or she likes school... I think they're the same)In addition to all this, she has a personal/spiritual goal to establish a retreat home for pastors of small churches and she blogs & has devotionals over here:
I love my mom and while growing up the thought of not having her approval was a crushing fear. Since moving out of their home, I now respect my mother's wisdom most of the time and thankfully, though she doesn't approve of many things I do, she doesn't let it affect the relationship we have. She just wishes I'd visit more.

Dad- also: Daddy
My daddy! My father and I are so similar it's nearly painful. We're introverts, contemplators, like many of the same things, and if we sat down for dinner, just the two of us, there'd probably be an awkward silence and a struggle to find something to talk about. I've never really understood it, but I do roll my eyes every time my mother exclaims: "Why did God give me two of you?!" cause I know it's true.
Dad has always been the main provider of the family, working in sales of blinds/shutters, and even spending years with Home Depot and apparently he's damn good at it. But, his heart has always been with his camera. If he could drop everything he'd probably frolic away with his camera, only to return when he ran out of film and to show off all the cool shots he got.
He's also been the parent that was always more: you're an adult and can make your own decisions, but has also always been there when I've made bad ones. Sometimes I wonder if he knows how much I love him, mostly because we don't communicate well with each other.

Roxanne- also: Rachel, Rachie, Rox, Roxie, Shosh, Shosho
My little sister, 3 years younger than me, and not really so little. She's sorta built like a linebacker, definitely hits like one(particularly when I call her Shosho), and towers over me. She was attending ORU up until last semester, and has had to take incompletes due to physical things, such as having surgery on her knee a couple years ago and then having cysts removed from her ovaries this last year. She works as a sitter, has a great love for kids, and an unbreakable will. She's also more of an extrovert than even my mother and loves to go out with her friends.

Zach- also: Zachary, Zachie
My little brother, 6 years younger than me, and also taller than me. He's still a high school student and also in a state of rebellion against my parents. IE: I could maybe stuff a cat into the gauges in his ears, he has a emo haircut, and has started a bad called "Murder of Crows". He's also recently told my parents he doesn't believe in God and I'm pretty sure Mom will be bald by the time he graduates. He makes friends easily and has always been a doll to any girl he's dated(I like to think my sisterly skills had something to do with that...)

My best friend since my sophomore year of highschool. She's wild, spontaneously, tons of fun, and loves to laugh. She brings me out of my shell and also brings out my girlie side. She's my primary source of gossip and I try to make a point to talk with her daily, even though she now lives in Canada. I probably love her more than Brandon, but he's okay with that. XD

My boyfriend for over a year now(we met on okcupid) and he's also the man I plan to marry. As soon as he proposes... I currently live with him and his parents, initially due to a bad situation with an ex-roommate that seems to become a semi-permanent sort of thing. He's currently a student at OSU, less than a year away from his bachelor's in art history, and plans to act as a teacher while working on his master's and perhaps one day moving into video games. He always has something to say, something to share, which is typically a nice counterpart to my quiet and listening, though sometimes I have to tell him either his brain is leaking, or how much I love talking with him I do have to work in the morning and need to sleep.
He's also my pocket tank when he has time to play his paladin.

Chuck- also: Charles, Chuckie, Daddu
Brandon's dad. Still getting to know him, will probably write more in the future.

Rebecca- also: Beck, Becca
Brandon's mom. Still getting to know her, will probably write more in the future.

Feb. 17th, 2011

best friend

Art Update

Clicky, plz -
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Food poisoning!

Ugh, so yesterday soon after eating lunch I just started to feel like I wanted to curl up and die. Which is possibly the worst way to feel on your day off.
I drove home from the shop, went home, took a bath, read like 5 more chapters of Sabriel while in the bath, crawled out to dry off and put on pjs, then laid on the couch and whined at Brandon. He was mildly sympathetic but also distracted by his homework since he made a 60 on his last Japanese test.
Started to have a fever a few hours later, followed by stomach cramps and finally just went to bed at like 8 or so and had a horrible time falling asleep because I was either too hot, too cold, or any pressure on my stomach at all just made everything worse.
This of course means I've missed another night of raiding, but at this point I just don't care, I feel crummy.
Up this morning feeling a bit better, no more fever, but stomach is still rolling and I have to leave for work by like noon. I don't have time for sick! Blah...

Feb. 16th, 2011

holy, holypriest

25 and feeling good

Yesterday was my 25th birthday! I'm officially a quarter of a century old, which I only say because Karian had to point it out.. :/
And as far as birthdays go, this one was pretty good. I woke up super early, sometime between 7 and 8. Rode up to the shop with Chuck and Rebecca and since the server's were down, I took the time to work on the picture of Eodri I've been tweaking on and on for forever now. And I got a little carried away and spent most of the day drawing. That is, until my right hand cramped up and I gave in and logged into WoW to trot around on my new goblin rogue.
Managed to get her to 20, rode back to the house with Chuck and Beck, hopped into my own car and drove to Tulsa to meet up with my folks for birthday dinner.
Homemade chicken fricassee, lemon meringue pie, and a KINDLE! All my hint dropping seemed to have worked for once, though Dad had to hover over me while I read the User's Guide and ask "what are you doing now?" about every 5 minutes.
No gift from Zach, he didn't even show up for dinner because he had band practice, Roxanne said the pies were my gift. I'm a bit irked, because of how much I spent on both of them for Christmas, but what can you do. Siblings is siblings.
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Oct. 12th, 2010

best friend

Why I missed ICC10 last night...

So, I don't have Internet at home, but bf's family owns this little shop in town, about 5 miles from where we live and we get on the Internet there. Well, after my friends and I gave up on a BT run, I decided I was gonna get a snack from the Sonic across the street and then come back and do my homework for my online class. It's about 3pm and I grab my debit card and step out of the shop and then go "oh hey, I actually have cash I could use" and I go to open the door again and it's locked. With my keys, cellphone, everything still inside. And bf is in class and his family is 5 miles away down country roads at the house. And I don't know any if their phone numbers cause they're in my phone which is locked in the shop. 
Well crap. So I go across to Sonic and use their phone to call my mother who's a 45 min drive away. She can't come get me, but she does send a fb message to my bf, hoping he'll read it inbetween classes and inform his parents I need to be saved, or save me himself when done with classes.
And so I wait. Which involved sitting, pacing, cussing, sitting, having hobos talk to me and tell me they like my haircut, watching the sunset, finally realize no one is coming and decide I have to walk. 5 miles. In the dark. Down a country road. And about a mile and a half I start waving at passing cars because I'm sobbing and can't see for how dark it is and the hooting owls and the rustling in the woods and having been stranded for 6 hours with only myself for entertainment, I'd gotten a bit hysterical.
5 cars passed without stopping even though I knew they saw me on the side of the road, waving my arms, crying, and finally a woman and her daughter pulled over and drove me the rest of the way home. Walk inside, start crying again and relay story to bf and his family who are super sympathetic and had no idea and had wondered why I didn't answer my phone when they called. And then had to go back up to the shop to do my homework and give my raid leader the briefiest explaination why I missed.
Yesterday sucked.

Sep. 30th, 2010

best friend

Guild Drama

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